We Build Digital Twins

Digital Twins are real-time digital models of physical systems. We create Digital Twins of any physical asset, such as a building or a factory, by combining our unique technology for advanced positioning, data processing, and data streaming with a simple, accessible, and intuitive user-interface in AR/VR—our smartphone application ReSpace Twin.

Use ReSpace for

Real Estate

Turn physical assets into location-based virtual experiences that support decision making, provide contextual insight and empower tenant and visitor engagement.

Industry 4.0

Increase efficiency and minimize downtime by predictive maintenance enabled by a connected Digital Twin that integrates a live 3D model of your facilities and equipment with real-time IoT sensor data.


No more disconnected 2D blueprints. Avoid errors and project delays by transforming your BIM data into live 3D blueprints in AR & VR. Gain real-time insight into site performance and improve stakeholder engagement.

Serious Gaming

Convert your Digital Twins into live worlds for serious gaming. From treasure hunts to real-time strategy games, harness the power of serious  gaming to fuse entertainment, engagement, and immersive user experiences. 

Heritage Management

Heritage management tools aim to promote good practice in the management of heritage around the world. Cultural and natural sites can be turned into Digital Twins for easy management and engaging visitor experiences. 

Let us Build your Digital Twin

We combine advanced data processing, advanced algorithms, and AR/VR to establish interactive Digital Twins of any physical asset. Whether it’s a factory, a building, a sensor network, or a museum, we can make it happen. No matter the protocol or file format, we can read it and integrate it into an immersive virtual experience. Our data processing is based on the latest research in artificial intelligence and computational geometry to deliver a new level of automated Digital Twinning.

Why ReSpace Twin?

Accessible and Creative

No programming needed and designed for sharing. Easily create and share persistent AR experiences with co-workers and friends. Make your assets come to life in AR and VR with ReSpace Twin. Combine complex datasets with user-generated content to create unique virtual experiences.

Some of our Case Studies

A Working Lab

Johanneberg Science Park (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Reality Lab

IMI Hydronic Engineering (Ljung, Sweden)

Partners and Funding

ReSpace was founded in 2018 with the support of Chalmers Ventures and Chalmers Innovation Office. We have also received support from Almi, Västra Götalandsregionen, and Vinnova.

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