Digital Twins for Home and Office

ReSpace offers unique solutions for automatic creation of Digital Twins based on BIM / AR / VR / IoT / AI.

The Digital Revolution: BIM + AR

The built environment is going through a digital revolution and new technologies such as BIM, AR, VR, IoT and AI are transforming the industry. ReSpace is at the forefront of this development providing solutions for storage and interactive exploration, analysis, annotation and modification of BIM data, collecting all data associated with a building over its life cycle. Our system is based on a novel machine learning algorithm for spatial perception to provide an interactive and intuitive augmented reality experience. ReSpace software runs on a wide range of platforms (Microsoft MR/HoloLens, iOS/ARKit and Android/ARCore) and integrates with industry standard BIM platforms (Revit, Autodesk BIM 360, BIMobject).

ReSpace Home

ReSpace Home is the central hub for the Smart Home. Through automatic spatial reconstruction and augmented reality (AR), ReSpace Home connects your physical world to the digital world. ReSpace Home gives immediate and intuitive access to a multitude of services and is the perfect partner for your next furnishing, remodeling or renovation project.

ReSpace Professional

ReSpace Professional uses state-of-the-art spatial mapping to connect the physical space to digital data (BIM and IoT). Make your BIM and sensor data come to life by uploading your data to our cloud service. ReSpace BIM enables intuitive exploration, annotation, editing and collaboration around BIM data across multiple devices, including holographic displays such as the Microsoft HoloLens, as well as AR-enabled smarthphones (iOS + Android)

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