IMI Hydronic Engineering (Ljung, Sweden)

Reality Lab

IMI Hydronic are an industry leader in green solutions for indoor climate control, with experience from more than 100,000 HVAC installations worldwide.


Merging Industrial Sensor Networks with Advanced 3D Models

When IMI Hydronic wanted to digitalize their new office spaces (Reality Lab) in Ljung, Sweden, they asked ReSpace to build a Digital Twin.

The Digital Twin of Reality Lab runs on the ReSpace Twin platform and integrates real-time sensor data from the Nordomatic sensor data system (temperatures, flows, pressures, alarms, controls) with a BIM 3D model of the building. The Digital Twin allows a user to interact directly with all data of the building on-site, for example investigating the current and historical flows in a pipe. ReSpace Twin also makes it easy to interactively add annotations (user- generated data) to the Digital Twin that are persistent in AR space and shared between all users of the system.

Two Core Technologies

The Digital Twin of Reality Lab makes use of two core technologies of ReSpace Twin: Automatic Positioning and Intelligent Streaming. Automatic Positioning takes care of the positioning of the digital model in the real world and ensures that the digital model is always aligned to match the physical world, by taking full advantage of LiDAR sensors available in modern smartphones. Intelligent Data Streaming is used to ensure that 3D data and sensor data are streamed on-demand, based on the current position of the user. Together, these two technologies ensure a smooth and seamless AR experience.


We decided to create a digital twin of our office building that works as a Reality Lab since we believe digital twins will play a vital role in buildings in the future. We wanted to learn more how we can use digital twins and found ReSpace to be the perfect partner. ReSpace have delivered an attractive solution which is both easy to use and creates a wow-factor. ReSpace are always open minded and positive to the features and changes we suggest.

Daniel Jilderos
Concept Development Manager at IMI Hydronic Engineering