ReSpace Twin

The Easy Way to Build a Digital Twin

ReSpace Twin aggregates digital information describing a building or a factory and makes it directly available in AR and VR. The digital information aggregated by ReSpace Twin consist of 3D models, 3D annotations, and real-time sensor data.

Making your data come alive

  • 3D models describe the construction of the building. The 3D models are automatically generated from BIM or any other 3D data source.

  • 3D annotations are used to enrich the Digital Twin with user-generated data. The 3D annotations are persistent location-based data in the form of text, conversations, documents, audio, and images.

  • Real-time sensor data are automatically extracted from sensor data networks and may include indoor climate (temperatures and air quality), energy consumption, or any other sensor data.

What do I get?

ReSpace Twin can be used to share information, gain insights, and optimize how the building is used and operates. Essential goals include optimized utilization of office spaces, minimization of energy consumption, and reduced climate impact.

ReSpace Twin is an AR application running on any modern smartphone. ReSpace Twin is available on both App Store (for iPhone/iPad) and on Google Play (for Android). ReSpace Twin makes the Digital Twin available directly on the smartphone, including 3D models, 3D annotations, and real-time sensor data.

Interactive Exploration

The main screen shows the 3D model in AR overlaid on the physical reality. The main screen also shows the location of all 3D annotations and the positions of the sensors in the building. All 3D objects as well as the annotations and sensors are clickable, to enable interactive exploration of all data of the Digital Twin in AR space. The simple user-interface makes it easy to toggle and adjust the visibility of different types of objects in the AR view.

User Locations

Swiping left brings up a live minimap (2D view) of the current floor. The minimap shows the location of the user, the location of other users, as well as 3D annotations and sensors. Both 3D annotations and sensors are clickable in the 2D view.

Overview Dashboard

Swiping right brings up a dashboard showing an overview of the Digital Twin, including a summary of the project size, number of objects and sensors, as well as a list of the latest activities in the Digital Twin.

Object Properties

Clicking a 3D object brings up a screen showing the properties (metadata) of the object. Properties include all relevant data from the processed BIM model such as physical and manufacturing data.

3D Annotations

Clicking a 3D object also lets the user add annotations in the form of text, audio, or images to a specific object. Annotations are shared among all users of the Digital Twin and are organized as a conversation between all users interacting with a 3D object.

Real-Time Sensor Data

Clicking a sensor brings up all sensor data connected to a physical location. Clicking a specific item brings up an interactive graph of the historical values of the sensor.

Main Benefits

ReSpace Twin turns Digital Twins into immersive experiences in AR and VR. With ReSpace Twin, the digital world is merged with the physical world into a seamless and intuitive digital experience.

Act faster

Improve operational performance and early decision-making by gaining access, control and ownership of relevant data at the right time.

Stay one step ahead

Use actionable insights to benchmark and improve operations, maintenance and inspections, to prevent incidents and support predictive actions.

Enhance collaboration

Easily explore, create and share information with co-workers and stakeholders in a live 3D universe where you are in control.

Fully integrated

ReSpace Twin integrates rich 3D datasets with real-time sensor data in a single model that gives you direct and full access to all your data.

Seamless user experience

ReSpace Twin provides easy access to advanced technical data in a seamless end-to-end user experience.

No programming needed

ReSpace Twin can be used by anyone. You don’t need to be an engineer to operate your Digital Twin.

How does it work?

ReSpace Twin brings the Digital Twin into the physical world by constructing a map between the physical space and the digital space using our proprietary technologies Smart Positioning and Intelligent Streaming. The map is used to automatically position 3D objects, 3D annotations, and real-time sensor data in AR space. 

QR Code

The positioning of the Digital Twin is initialized by scanning a QR code attached to a suitable location in the building. Several QR codes may be placed throughout a building for easy access.

Smart Positioning

Automatic Positioning ensures exact alignment of 3D objects in the physical space. Smart Positioning  takes full advantage of the LiDAR sensors available in modern smartphones.

Intelligent Streaming

Intelligent Streaming is based on advanced partitioning and compression techniques, and ensures that even very large models can be efficiently and seamlessly handled on standard smartphones.

ReSpace Cloud

Data are streamed continuously on demand from our dynamic cloud service ReSpace Cloud to ReSpace Twin based on the user’s current position and viewpoint. 

What does it cost?

ReSpace Twin costs 395 SEK (40 EUR) per month and user. In addition, we charge a fee of 10 SEK (1 EUR) per square meter for the initial construction of the Digital Twin. Additional charges apply for integration of sensor data networks depending on complexity. We support several sensor data network protocols. For large organizations/many users, contact us for customized pricing plans.

Where do I start?

ReSpace Twin transforms your data into a rich Digital Twin in a few simple steps. To get started, book a demo today and we will take it from there! One of our engineers will contact you within 24 hours to inventory your data sources and create  your Digital Twin