your pocket-sized digital twin

With ReSpace Twin anyone can create their own personalized Digital Twin. ReSpace Twin integrates advanced 3D data from BIM, CAD, or scans with real-time sensor data in an easy-to-use app. Experience your data in high resolution and interactively explore, annotate, edit, and control all your data in both AR and VR. Whether it´s a building or factory, let ReSpace Twin transform your asset into a Smart Building or Smart Factory. Book a demo and we can show you how.

core operations


Visualize complex models with stunning graphics in both AR and VR.


Easily annotate any object with text, images, or audio to create persistent annotations that can be shared across an organization.


A powerful AR editor allows users to transform, remove, or add new objects to any model.


Capture new objects to enrich the digital model or build a digital model from scratch by scanning a building with your cellphone.


Share the digital model with friends and co-workers. AR experiences are persistent across devices and allow users to communicate around a common model.

ReSpace Twin is based on five core operations that power the creation of any digital twin.
Visualize, Annotate, Edit, Capture and Share any data with anyone in real-time.

main benefits

ReSpace Twin turns Digital Twins into immersive experiences in AR and VR. With ReSpace Twin, the digital world is merged with the physical world into a seamless and intuitive digital experience.
Act faster
Improve operational performance and early decision-making by gaining access, control and ownership of relevant data at the right time.
Stay one step ahead
Use actionable insights to benchmark and improve operations, maintenance and inspections, to prevent incidents and support predictive actions.
Enhance collaboration
Easily explore, create and share information with co-workers and stakeholders in a live 3D universe where you are in control.
Fully integrated
ReSpace Twin integrates rich 3D datasets with real-time sensor data in a single model that gives you direct and full access to all your data.
Seamless user experience
ReSpace Twin provides easy access to advanced technical data in a seamless end-to-end user experience.
No programming needed
ReSpace Twin can be used by anyone. You don't need to be an engineer to operate your Digital Twin.




Hardware compatibility

ReSpace Twin runs on AR supported devices such as Android and iOS phones and tablets. It can also run on tethered VR headsets, which are powered by a computer or self-powered VR headsets. A list of supported devices can be found below.

Android (version 7.0 or newer)
iOS (version 9.0 or newer)
For the best AR experience, we recommend using as minimum requirements Android 8 core CPU, 4GB RAM or IOS iPhone 8 plus, Ipad 5th generation.
Supported formats
AWS cloud security
SSL certificate protection
RSA/DSA encryption
Real-time user communication
Photo & audio reports
Share virtual experiences
Data Integration
Real-time 3D models
Real-time IoT data
Positioning Methods
Automatic alignment
QR codes
Scanning positioning
Manual placement
Surface recognition
Image recognition