ReSpace Twin

Technical Details

Technical details

Hardware Compatibility

ReSpace Twin runs on AR supported devices such as Android and iOS  phones and tablets. It can also run on tethered VR headsets, which are  powered by a computer or self-powered VR headsets. A list of supported  devices can be found below.

Android (version 7.0 or newer)
iOS (version 9.0 or newer)

For the best AR experience, we recommend using as minimum  requirements Android 8 core CPU, 6GB RAM or IOS iPhone 8 plus, Ipad 5th generation and newer. 

Supported Formats


All NURBS and mesh model formats.


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Data Integration

3D models
3D annotations
Real-time sensor data (IoT)
Object properties (metadata)
Image and voice clip sharing

Core technologies

Smart Positioning 
Intelligent Streaming